Short Rider Autoflower Single Seed

    Reference: NSA-SR-AF-S

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    Unbelievably reliable and resilient, Short Rider Auto is an easy grow, indica dominant autoflowering strain that will flower from seed to harvest in 10-11 weeks. Thanks to her short and squat structure, she is perfect for balconies, sunny terraces and back gardens. Pungent, skunky terps with a chilled out effect makes this one a must have for growers who experience short summers and cold climates.

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    Genetics: She was created by crossing Top 44 with Early Special. The result is a strain perfect for beginners, who require extreme versatility with little maintenance. Superb resilience and a bushy, indica dominant autoflowering hybrid.  A fast growing, autoflowering strain that will grease up with trichomes and be ready to harvest multiple times per year in just 70-77 days.

    Strain Characteristics: Short Rider Auto likes to stay low, bushy and flower with a wide structure. She is easy to blend and camouflage, and is well suited for outdoors where height and privacy may be an issue. This lady can be hidden very well thanks to her short growth structure, meaning she is ideal for sunny terraces and private balconies, or those concerned about neighbours. We recommend growing her closely together in a Sea of Green to push her yields to the maximum, as she is capable of producing yields of 300 - 400 g/m². This lady will produce one main central cola, surrounded by thick side branches that will grow with a short internodal spacing.

    She has a heavily resinous appearance and will flower producing thick, dense buds. Outdoors she is a top performer and will fight of mould, mildew and insects with ease, meaning she is a must for growers who experience cold weather.

    Experiencing this strain: This lady will leave you feeling relaxed, with a nice smile on your face. The effect is euphoric and slightly dreamy, with an extremely chilled physical body. She is a wise choice for social scenarios, daytime use and for anyone who wants to enjoy a well balanced effect. Her flavours are skunky, earthy, pungent with dank overtones that will fill a room with a powerful aromatic funk. THC levels will reach 15%, making her an excellent choice for social scenarios and smokers with a low tolerance. Medical patients may find this strain useful for relieving aches and pains, muscle spasms, cramps, increasing motivation, anxiety and depression as well as insomnia. 

    What makes this strain so great: An excellent performer in all conditions, that will not let you down. One of the most resistant autoflowering varieties on the market, with a pungent, acrid aroma fans of old school Skunk will fall in love with.


    Data sheet

    Top 44 x Early Special
    Plant Type
    Predominantly Indica
    Indoor & Outdoor
    Average Yield
    300 - 400 g/m2 in SOG
    Flowering Period
    10 - 11 Weeks
    Grow Difficulty
    Plant Height
    12% - 15%
    0.1% - 1.0%

    Specific References

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