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Feminized Seeds

Feminized cannabis seeds are bred to produce only female marijuana plants, eliminating the risk of finding a male plant, ruining your perfect sinsemilla grow

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Autoflower Seeds

Autoflowering cannabis seeds automatically switch from vegetative to flowering within 2 - 4 weeks from germination. Making it perfect for a quick harvest

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CBD Cannabis Seeds

CBD Cannabis Seeds are bred to produce high amounts of CBD and low levels of THC. CBD strains are non intoxicating and perfect for medicinal purposes or oils.

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Sativa Seeds

Sativa Seeds

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Amnesia Haze Feminized

R549.99 Price

A first place winner at the Sativa Cup in 2012 and the most popular Haze to hit Europe! A cerebral rollercoaster packed with citrus and lemon terps that flowers in 11-13 weeks. Expect huge yields with our feminised Amnesia Haze, and remember that smoking too much may leave you with short term memory loss!

(Pack of 5 Seeds)

Sativa Seeds

Are you looking for some Sativa cannabis seeds to grow in South Africa? The Marijuana Seeds SA has you covered. MJSSA offer an assortment of best sativa weed seeds for both indoor and outdoor cultivation. When growing Sativa marijuana seeds at MJ Seeds SA, you will have a vast variety of strains to choose from that caters for all types of growers. From the first timer, to the commercial farmer.

Sativa are tall cannabis seeds that produces long and narrow leaves. These plants are well adapted to outdoor environments in warmer climates that offers long summers and often turn into a lighter shade of green. The major difference between indica and sativa is that sativa usually has a longer flowering period than their counterparts, but still offers you a bumper-crop harvest. Sativa cannabis plants require a slightly longer time to grow, ranging between 10 - 16 weeks to mature, but still offers spectacular harvests. The benefits of growing sativa marijuana seeds are that they produce the mind-blowing bud when compared with the indica variety. With longer spacing between the nodes, the plant’s structure can reach heights up to twenty feet if not kept in check and thrives in humid atmospheres and tropical climates.

Cannabis Sativa has been used in medicinal/herbal practices throughout the ages in numerous cultures to alleviate numerous ailments. Sativa cannabis plants provide an overall energetic/uplifting effect which is ideal to stimulate conversation and creativity. Sativa can also be helpful for depression, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and even fatigue, making Sativa Seeds a good therapeutic alternative to conventional pharmaceuticals. Our range of sativa weed seeds come in CBD, feminized (photoperiod), as well as autoflowering. We at MJSSA Seeds we recommend trying a few different types of marijuana seeds to find the best sativa seeds that fit into your personal requirements.